Aquatabs, Countertop Display, 12 x 30 pk

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Aquatabs are used to treat over 10 billion gallons of water every year. Aquatabs effervescent tablets are effective against Giardia cysts, bacteria and viruses. Aquatabs can be used in emergency and disaster situations. Aquatabs are used by the world's major aid agencies, such as UNICEF, World Health Organization, United Nations and the Red Cross, as well as NGOs, relief organizations and defense forces. Aquatabs are also used for water treatment during international travel, camping and boating.
  •  Certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 60
  •  Conforms to World Health Organization safety guidelines
  •  Does NOT contain Chlorite or Iodine
  •  Active ingredient Troclosene Sodium
  •  Effective against Giardia cysts, bacteria and viruses in 30 minutes
  •  Fast Acting: Water is ready to drink 30 minutes after mixing
  •  Over 10 billion gallons of water are treated globally every year with Aquatabs
  •  Great Taste: Great tasting drinking water, consistently
  •  Best Value - Treats up to 60 quarts (57 liters) per package of 30 tablets