U.S. 1860 Heavy Cavalry Saber w-Steel Scabbard

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At the outbreak of the American Civil War, there were two types of sabers issued to the Federal Cavalry: light and heavy. The light version was popular, but the heavy model, dubbed the Old Wrist Breaker was the one worth owning, as it was a superior weapon. Its 36 inch blade offered big reach advantages over most sabers, and its substantial weight gave it the leverage to easily crush bones and sever limbs or even a head with a single blow. The brass guard had three bars to protect the hand and the grip was wire bound leather and capped with a sturdy pommel. In its double ringed, steel scabbard, it could be easily attached to a saddle or to a belt.
  •  Blade length: 36.00 in.
  •  Overall length: 41.50 in.
  •  Blade material: 1055 carbon
  •  Weight: 42.90 oz.
  •  Includes: Steel Scabbard